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5 Easy Tips To Follow For Healthy Scalp Care This Summer

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In case you want to enjoy the summer season in all its glory, certain preparations need to be in place. Effective sunscreens, sunglasses with UV protection, and hydration among other things are some of the essential things which cannot be and should be compromised. Agree? But, what about our lustrous tresses? Hair health is one aspect which often gets overlooked. Even though hair masks, serums and other hair cosmetics can restore the shine and volume of your hair, the scalp, needs much consideration. The summer months can be harsh on your scalp, leading to sunburn and dryness. A dry scalp may lead to dry roots, further affecting the growth and strength of the hair follicle. This summer season, learn how to take care of your scalp to improve your hair health for good hair days all through the year.

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Keep your scalp clean and dry during the summer months. But don’t over-wash. It can damage the scalp. Regular washing – twice or thrice a week – reduces the chances of bacterial and fungal infections. It is important to pick the right shampoo, which suits your scalp as well as hair demands.

Picking the right shampoo is essential for scalp care

Scalp massages can be calming and relaxing. However, they can also boost your hair as well as scalp health. It promotes blood circulation, stimulates hair growth, removes dead skin cells, and reduces product build-up. You can massage your scalp with your fingertips or use a massager.

Just like your skin, your scalp also needs regular exfoliation. Scalp exfoliation, especially during summer, can help get rid of dull hair, dandruff, and clogged follicles. It is essential for healthy, and thick hair.

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A balanced diet plays a pivotal role in your scalp health as well. If you have a dry scalp, add omega-3, salmon, chia seeds, or fish oils to your meals. Keep a check on your protein intake, as it is crucial for healthy hair and scalp. Antioxidants and probiotics should also be a part of your balanced diet. Load your meals with fruits and vegetables with high water content to keep your scalp hydrated.

Before you go for topical products to apply on your scalp, ensure you have a healthy diet Photo Credit: iStock

Maintain moisture levels to have a healthy scalp. Choose products which nourish and hydrate the scalp or have antibacterial, oil-balancing, and anti-inflammatory ingredients. Homemade nourishing oils like coconut and argan or homemade hair masks can boost hair health like no other.

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