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K-Beauty: These Korean Sunscreens Will Get Your Skin Ready For Summer With Comfort

By on May 18, 2023 0 501 Views

Known for their efficacy, gentle ingredients and easy approach, K-beauty products have truly made their way into our beauty repertoires. K-beauty routines have vastly become popular and quite quickly, no less. After tapping into endless Korean beauty and skincare hacks, we are now hooked on Korean sunscreens that have become quite popular during the Indian summer for their easy and effective formulations. Korean sunscreens are not just believed to protect the skin from UV rays but also give additional skincare benefits to improve the skin. To up your routine this summer, it is time to do so with these Korean sunscreens.

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This sun cream from Laneige effectively blocks UV rays with a watery texture and refreshingly charges skin with moisture. This watery textured sun cream bursts with moisture to maintain the skin’s barrier all day long in the sun.

This one from Innisfree is a fresh and moist sunscreen. Formulated with 8 hyaluronic acids, the formula provides moisture. It protects the skin against UV rays without leaving a white cast, making it a great beauty investment.

Infused with SPF 50, this sunscreen serum forms a shield against UVA-UVB rays, protecting the skin from burning and ageing. The oil-free, mess-free serum, crafted with white lotus, hyaluronic acid and CICA, deeply hydrates and nourishes.

This sun cream from Cosrx is a soothing one that helps in protecting the skin while giving some skincare benefits also. The soothing formulation does not irritate the skin and feels super lightweight.

This sunscreen provides extensive pore care, ensuring your pores remain clean, and unclogged while regulating sebum. It is also enriched with Titanium Dioxide that filters and blocks rays of the sun with Vitamin E. It has effective anti-inflammatory properties that not only bolster skin hydration but also help soothe and repair skin that feels dry, red and irritated.

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