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‘Underwater’ Director Confirms That You Saw What You Thought You Saw in the Final Act

By on January 18, 2020 0 182 Views

Underwater isn’t a Cloverfield movie, but it definitely is a [redacted] movie.

This article contains spoilers. Turn away now. You’ve been warned.

While William Eubank‘s Underwater kicks off with immediate intensity, wasting no time plunging Kristen Stewart and the rest of the cast into the deep sea nightmare we bought a ticket to experience, it admittedly lags a bit around the middle, and unquestionably could’ve used a tad bit more monster mayhem to pick up the energy. The film’s monsters, with their massive gaping maws and spindly, Cloverfield-reminiscent legs, only actually kill one character in the entire movie, and for the most part we only catch glimpses of them in the darkness.

The monsters are no doubt creepy, mind you, but it’s not until the final act that Underwater truly establishes itself as an all-time great in the aquatic horror arena. It’s in the incredible final act that all of the film’s flaws are forgiven and we truly realize what the characters are dealing with. Those monsters they’d been terrorized by, turns out, were mere children.

The final act of Underwater puts Kristen Stewart face to face with a MASSIVE behemoth that seems to have tentacles sprouting out of his face, the design of the monster calling to mind the iconic design of H.P. Lovecraft’s nightmare beast, Cthulhu. And that was no mere coincidence, as Eubank has confirmed that Underwater‘s big bad is indeed Cthulhu!

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