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Telugu Movies + International Masala = Huge Returns

By on February 9, 2020 0 171 Views

Many Telugu makers these days are taking stories from old Telugu movies and trying to give them a new spin. On the other hand, Hindi filmmakers are buying rights of recent Telugu hits and giving a terrific ‘costly’ spin such that they will mint crores. Especially Tiger Shroff has decoded this formula quite well after Salman Khan.

Remakes of films like Pokiri, Ready and Kick are given a terrific facelift by Salman Khan, as he has spent crores of budget to get them new look. And the success of those films is also on similar lines. Now, Tiger Shroff is doing this on a different level. For example, he took Varsham story for Baaghi and took the second half to Bangkok, where the hero should enter a crazy puzzle like building doing international fights.

Similarly, for Baaghi 2, he got Kshanam story, then filled with helicopters, special militia, guns, chases and else in the forests of Bangkok. He brought in foreign action directors like Kechha and others to get the Hollywood like ‘Rambo’ look. And the film minted huge at the box office. And now, his Baaghi 3 is a spinoff given to Naga Chaitanya and Sunil’s Tadakha movie.

Taking the total setup to Syria with ISIS terrorist organisation (name changed inside the movie, but it is obvious) as the main villain, now Tiger got helicopters, rocket guns, tanks and else to fight with. As Baaghi 2 made 180+ crores nett from the box office, it looks like Baaghi 3 will also get similar returns as far as the trailer is to be believed.

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