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Taapsee Pannu’s Thappad gets U certificate with no cuts

By on February 26, 2020 0 222 Views

Anubhav Sinha’s Thappad has received an unrestricted certificate without any cuts from the CBFC. Taapsee Pannu leads the star cast that also has Kumud Mishra and Pavail Gulati.

Bollywood star Taapsee Pannu’s upcoming film Thappad has already impressed a lot of people with special screenings and it has received another shot in the arm with the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) awarding it with a U (unrestricted) certificate without any cuts.

Among the three kinds of certificates given by the CBFC – U, U/A (unrestricted public exhibition subject to parental guidance for children below the age of twelve) and A (restricted to adult audiences), U is the most sought after by producers. It means the film is fit for viewing for audiences of all age groups, widening its reach. There is a fourth category – S (restricted to specialized audiences such as doctors or scientists), but that is limited to specific movies.

Director Anubhav Sinha has produced the film that will be released at a reel length of 144.28 minutes – a little less than 2.5 hours of run time.

Thappad is about a homemaker who refuses to stay with her husband after he slaps her. The main reason for such a smooth CBFC certificate could be that the filmmakers have not focussed on displaying violence in the film, despite essentially addressing the rampant issue of domestic violence in our society.

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