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Shahid Kapoor’s Rs. 100 Crore deal with Netflix is a hoax

By on September 25, 2020 0 156 Views

A report on a sensation-mongering portal claims Shahid Kapoor has signed a Rs. 100-crore deal with Netflix for multiple films and series. However at least two reliable sources from Netflix that I contacted denied this report calling it a “complete hoax.”

“Netflix has struck no such deal with Shahid Kapoor. The amount mentioned (Rs. 100 crores) is preposterous for any star, no matter how big. And Shahid is not even in the Shah Rukh-Akshay-Salman-Aamir league. His star stature cannot justify that kind of money,” says the well-informed source. Adding, “We don’t know where this information comes from, certainly not from anyone at Netflix.”

A source from Netflix further adds, “Our platform wants to break the Bollywood star system. Not add to it. We firmly believe the director is the star of the show, be it the big or the small screen. We’ve introduced four new directors this year. There are many more. As for wooing the stars; we don’t see the point in that.”

Amazon Prime Video apparently sees plenty of wisdom in signing A-listers from Bollywood for multiple-film deals. They are in the process of wooing several stars including Akshay Kumar and Salman Khan.

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