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Jenelle Evans: Kailyn Lowry Is Trying to steal My Ex!

By on December 10, 2019 0 234 Views

Jenelle Evans to Kailyn Lowry: Stay Away From My Ex, You Thirsty Loser!

What does Thanksgiving mean for you?

Is it a day to spend with your loved ones? A day to eat a whole, whole bunch of food? A day to just reflect on everything and be thankful?

For the cast members of Teen Mom 2, it may be those things, but it’s also apparently a day for tons and tons of drama for no good reason.

Because a whole mess of them took time out of their holiday to get into a big ol’ Twitter fight …

A Look Back
Jenelle Evans and Kailyn Lowry are not friends. They used to be friends, but for a good few years now they’ve been mortal enemies instead.

Well, Jenelle …
As legend has it, the feud started because way back in the day, Kailyn bailed Jenelle out of jail, but Jenelle never paid her back — this was back when they didn’t get paid much to be on the show, so it was a pretty big deal.

After that, they were never as close, but they were still able to get along enough to film together for reunions and to promote the show — but then in 2016, Jenelle made fun of Kail for getting a Brazilian butt lift.

Extra Rude
And not too long after that, Jenelle leaked the news of Kail’s pregnancy with Lux.

It’s All Over
That really seemed to be the last straw — after that, they refused to be around each other and the feud really heated up.

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