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How Similar Is Star War’s Life Day And Christmas?

By on December 19, 2019 0 224 Views

The holidays are well upon us, and we’re in for another festive season that’s dominated by talk of Star Wars. Sure, there are bound to be arguments about The Rise of Skywalker, and speculation about The Mandalorian, but that’s not the only thing to discuss related to the franchise this holiday season. Why not break up the discourse with a rousing comparison of Christmas and the Star Wars holiday known as Life Day?

Some may be familiar with Life Day via the abhorrent, but iconic Star Wars Holiday Special, and while the holiday’s origin did begin there, the franchise has since expanded the holiday’s traditions in many ways similar to how Christmas is celebrated throughout the world. For those only vaguely familiar, here are some of the major similarities between Christmas and Life Day, and some other neat factoids about the Star Wars holiday.

Much Like Christmas, Life Day Makes A Show Of Displaying Real And Fake Trees
One of the biggest connections between Star Wars’ Life Day and Christmas is the obsession with trees. Much like we do during Christmas, people in the Star Wars galaxy adorn their homes with both real and fake trees. Actually, in Star Wars it’s a bit cooler because it has hologram trees, but most things are cooler in Star Wars than they are in real life.

Life Day trees are a reference to the Tree of Life on Kashyyyk, which the Wookiees believed to be the first seed and spark of life on the planet. In the original celebration, Wookiees made a pilgrimage to the Tree of Life, but as the holiday became universally celebrated, many just bought a small Wroshyr tree (as noted by Star Wars: The Old Republic) and put decorations on it within their homes. Suffice it to say the significance and symbolism of these trees have changed over the years, much like our Christmas trees.

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