September 25, 2022
  • September 25, 2022

Fish vs chicken: What helps you lose weight faster and why?

By on September 18, 2020 0 202 Views

Following a disciplined diet and lifestyle is one of the sure shot ways to lose weight as well as maintain it in the long run. However, there are special dietary additions and tweaks which are said to accelerate weight loss. Two such examples are fish and chicken. That’s why you will always see people choose grilled chicken or grilled fish over other variants.

Why are grilled variants good for weight loss?

Grilled options instead of fried options make you east less fat than usual since the excess fat tends to drip off the grill. It also requires lesser oil or butter to be prepared and most nutrient profiles remain intact. They are also generally lower in calorie content than other fried meats.

Grilled fish and chicken also make sure you get enough protein, omega-3 and other healthy nutrients. Since both these sources contain significantly less cholesterol and saturated fat, they are considered to be ‘leaner meats’ as compared to other heavier animal products.
But, out of these two options- which is the healthier version to choose? What helps aid weight loss faster- grilled fish or chicken?

Grilled fish vs chicken: What’s better?

Most diet experts and studies suggest that including seafood or poultry in your diet if you are non-vegetarian offers a lot of goodness and are necessary for a balanced diet. However, both these food options have a few advantages over each other.

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