May 21, 2022
  • May 21, 2022

Eight super healthy snack ideas for diabetics

By on October 11, 2020 0 221 Views

If diabetics plan wisely, snacking can prove to be healthy – it can deal with hunger pangs between meals, while providing nutrition and keeping blood sugar levels steady throughout the day.

Most of the world is confined to their homes owing to the covid-19 pandemic. While many of us were happy to stay at home initially – spending more time with family, taking up new interests and experimenting with new recipes, it isn’t surprising that our consumption of unhealthy foods has also increased rapidly.

But this time has been even more challenging for those dealing with diabetes, trying to manage their blood glucose levels and body weight. “While there is nothing wrong with indulging in snacking every now and then, it is important to maintain a healthy diet which is full of vitamins, antioxidants and protein. People with conditions like diabetes and hypertension, must vary their diets as unhealthy foods are one of the prime reasons behind rise in blood glucose levels during lockdown,” says Sujata Sharma, nutritionist and diabetes educator, BeatO.

But can snacks be healthy? “Thankfully the answer is yes!” says Sharma adding that there is a huge range of healthy snacks that can work wonders in maintaining healthy blood sugar levels and managing diabetes if included in our diet.

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