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Cooked Carrots Can Trigger Allergic Reactions, Here’s How

By on September 26, 2020 0 156 Views

The consumption of raw carrots triggers allergic reactions in many people. Contrary to popular belief, cooked carrots can also have this effect, warn researchers. Also Read – Want to Boost Your Immunity? Consume Carrot Ginger Juice

“The results of our research clearly suggest that sufferers who are sensitive to the carrot allergen should generally avoid eating carrots,” said study author Birgitta Wöhrl from the University of Bayreuth in Germany. Also Read – Thousands of Kilos of Carrots & Sweet Potatoes Dropped for Starving Animals Amid Bushfire Crisis

Heating carrots does not destroy or only incompletely destroys the protein structures that can cause allergic reactions. Also Read – Want to Rev up Your Immunity And Improve Skin Health? Consume Carrot Ginger Juice

According to the researchers, the risk of allergy patients developing an allergic reaction arises not only when eating freshly cooked carrots or canned carrots.

It also arises when carrot extract is added to food.

The carrot’s allergen, Dau c 1, assumes a structure that is harmless to allergy sufferers when highly heated.

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