January 18, 2022
  • January 18, 2022

9 Low-Carb Cocktails You Can Drink on a Diet

By on September 22, 2020 0 110 Views

Thinking of going on a low-carb diet? Good news: while you need to be more conscious of what you choose to imbibe, there’s no need to ditch alcohol altogether. (Cue the sighs of relief.)

Yes, some drinks are higher in sugar (and therefore higher in carbs) than others. So while you can’t really knock back complex craft cocktails or a few rounds of beer, you can opt for lighter beverages that won’t rack up the carbs. (You’ll also probably get drunker faster, though whether that’s a benefit or a drawback is up for debate.)

1) Keto Mojito
On a warm spring day, mojitos can be incredibly refreshing — but they’re also often loaded with sugar and calories. Luckily, this keto mojito recipe from Tasteaholics swaps out sugar with a tablespoon of the low-calorie sweetener erythritol. This cocktail has only 140 calories and contains only 3 grams of carbs

2) Bloody Mary
You might not be convinced by the myth that a Bloody Mary can cure a hangover — but they are undoubtedly delicious. This low-carb Bloody Mary cocktail from I Breathe I’m Hungry has the perfect combination of spice and tang, and it’s sure to wake you up come morning.

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