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7 best dark comedy movies on Netflix that make for the perfect quarantine watch

By on March 27, 2020 0 185 Views

Our Prime Minister has imposed a 21-day total lockdown on the country to stop the spread of Coronavirus. He’s urging everyone to stay indoors and not leave the house until absolutely necessary. What we are urging you to do is to catch up on all the binge-watch content you had lined up which you couldn’t watch due to lack of time. And, while doing that we’re also asking you to tap into as many genres as you can. Moreover, we’re always here to suggest the best binge-watch content, so you don’t waste time scrolling through the never-ending list. In this one, we are addressing those who appreciate dark comedy. Basically, those who love “dead baby jokes”. There’s a special genre of dark comedy movies on Netflix, just for you. And, here are our best picks.

7 dark comedies on Netflix that are the perfect quarantine watch

Beat your quarantine blues with this David O Russell classic. When it was released, the film received 10 Oscar nominations. But sadly, it never won in any category. American Hustle tells the story of two con men working for an FBI agent, who help him convict a high-class government official. While the ensemble cast is extraordinary, Amy Adams and Jennifer Lawrence both won Golden Globes for their performances.

This recent Netflix film comes from the director of Parasite. This was Bong Joon-Ho’s take on the mistreatment of animals at the hand of large corporations. Oscar-winning actress Tilda Swinton plays a double role as the antagonist in the film. This film was among the competitors for the Palme d’Or honor at the Cannes Festival in 2017. While the original Netflix title prompted a few ‘boos’ from the crowd, all was made up with a four-minute-long standing ovation when the credits rolled. Apart from being infused with the right amount of dark comedy, it is a great film, overall.

3. TAG

When they are kids, a group of four men indulge in a game of tag. However, things get a little too intense as the game goes on for more than thirty years. And now, they are seen travelling all across the country just to pass on the tag to the next person. Starring the funny Ed Helms and Jake Johnsons this film will give you action, drama and cursing all while being extremely hilarious.

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