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6 Ways To Make The Balcony Your Favourite Spot At Home

By on July 3, 2020 0 204 Views

Make it the room you won’t ever want to leave

The importance of having a balcony has become abundantly clear, especially when most of your waking hours are spent at home. Regardless of how big or small a space you may have, if it’s enough to take in the sunshine, listen to the birds chirp and spot a bit of blue sky, it’s more than enough to enjoy it. More often than not, balconies become extensions of the house and get cluttered with boxes, clothes and utensils. It’s possible to redesign the look of your balcony without drastic construction by only decluttering from junk and adding a few items to lend to its calming atmosphere. With a balcony that’s peaceful, clean and surrounded by nature, it’s as if you have a break away from home.

1. Plants

Without a doubt, plants are the best choice to give yours a natural touch. What says that better than full leaves and lush fruits! You can either choose to grow seeds in soil-filled pots from scratch or purchase live fruit and flowering plants.

2. Lights

Set the mood of your balcony with the right lighting. A popular choice is a string of fairy lights strung across the railings, which will add cool vibes to your nights spent outside. Lanterns, bottle and candle holders can also do the trick.