October 4, 2022
  • October 4, 2022

30 Best Foods for Women Over 40

By on March 14, 2020 0 272 Views

Rev your metabolism, strengthen your bones, and sharpen your mind with every meal.

As you age, your metabolism slows down, you begin to lose muscle mass, and your hormone levels go a bit wonky, making you more prone to weight gain, mood changes, and health problems you may not have dealt with during your younger years. Fortunately, there are things you can do to increase your fat-burning capabilities, stabilize your energy, and minimize your disease risk.

In addition to following a regular exercise routine, getting enough sleep, and reducing your stress levels, eating antioxidant-rich foods can help you curb hunger and cravings while improving your overall health. So what foods should go on your plate? Sarah Mirkin, R.D.N., author of Fill Your Plate, Lose The Weight, a 21-day weight loss plan for women over 40, shared her favorite nutritional all-stars. From dark chocolate to salmon to vibrant berries, these foods are full of flavor and age-reversing nutrients.


Flaxseeds are an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids, which are essential fats for a sharp mind and healthy heart. Plus, they’re great for your gut. “As we age, it’s more important to eat the right foods to keep your gut health in check,” says Mirkin. “Flaxseeds are loaded with fiber for long-term digestive health.”

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