September 30, 2022
  • September 30, 2022

12 Surprisingly High-Fat Foods

By on January 25, 2020 0 480 Views

Stealth fat

Maybe you’re concerned about high-fat foods as you try to follow a heart-healthy diet. Or, perhaps you’re actually seeking out fat-rich foods in order to follow the keto regimen. Either way, it helps to know which foods contain significant amount of fat, as well as the specific types of fat, such as unhealthy trans fat, less healthy saturated fat or healthier unsaturated fat.

According to the 2015-20 Dietary Guidelines for Americans, total fat should comprise about 20% to 35% of daily calories for adults. Saturated fat should make up less than 10% of calories.

“Fat is not inherently bad,” says Jill Weisenberger, a Virginia-based registered dietitian nutritionist and author of “Prediabetes: A Complete Guide.” However, she adds, most – but not all – saturated fats raise blood cholesterol. “Unfortunately, food labels and nutrition databases don’t always (distinguish) the harmful saturated fats from the others.”

Fried pork sausages and butter pecan ice cream are familiar high-fat dishes. But it may surprise you that the following foods are also high in fat:

Coconut products

Certain foods have “health halos,” says Sharon Palmer, a registered dietitian and author of the Plant-Powered Dietitian blog. Although touted as healthy choices, they may have unhealthy attributes. Count coconut products among those foods with health halos that aren’t entirely healthy. “Coconut oil is so popular, but food containing coconut products – such as coconut milk, coconut yogurt and coconut ice cream – are typically high in fat,” she says. “And it’s the saturated type, too.”

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