May 13, 2022
  • May 13, 2022

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India’s ‘lockdown film’ is an edgy thriller

by on September 9, 2020 0
In late April, when life and work in India stalled under lockdown, a young director decided to make his next film. Theatres were shut and more than 60 films made in the southern state of Kerala, where he lives, were languishing in the cans. But that did not deter Mahesh Narayanan, who makes films... Read More

Varun Dhawan Collaborates With Flipkart For Entertainer No. 1

by on April 10, 2020 0
Actor Varun Dhawan encourages Indians to entertain from home with a unique stay-at-home reality show ‘Entertainer No. 1’ is set to launch on the Flipkart app on April 13, inspiring people to entertain the country as they remain indoors. Bollywood’s superstar, Varun Dhawan comes together with Flipkart Video to introduce India’s unique stay-at-home reality... Read More