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The 2022 Halloween Costume Trends You’ll See Everywhere

By on October 11, 2022 0 282 Views

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. No, I don’t mean the holiday season, although that is fantastic (and right around the corner!)—I’m talking about Halloween. As someone who is naturally inclined to overdress for any given situation, Halloween is truly my time to shine. I usually take it a bit too seriously and have all of my costumes planned out by mid-September. And, if I’m being honest, the top costume trends for Halloween 2022 are pretty next-level—and they’re easy to pull together using items you (probably) already own.

From costumes brought to you courtesy of 2022’s pop culture moments (Taylor Swift’s glittery after party look! Bella Hadid’s spray-on dress at Paris Fashion Week! Timothée Chalamet at this year’s star-studded Cannes Film Festival!) to Halloween costumes inspired by movies and TV shows (Do Revenge! Bridgerton! The Bear!), this list really does have it all. Whether you’re having your friends over to watch a scary movie or actually going out on the town, these costumes are sure to please.

Some of the costumes on this list double as great costumes for duos and are fantastic if you’re in need of a great last-minute costume for that one Halloween party you may or may not have completely forgotten about. If you’re looking for even more costume inspo, check out Marie Claire’s list of the best celebrity Halloween costumes from over the years. (A bonus: All of the pieces on this list retail for under $100.)

Taylor Swift’s VMA Afterparty Look:

Taylor Swift kicked off her “Midnights” era by donning not one but two very sparkly dresses at the MTV Video Music Awards back in September. While her sparkly silver mini from the actual awards ceremony is dazzling enough to be a costume in its own right, this blue jumpsuit look from the afterparty might be a bit easier to recreate.

Rihanna’s Maternity Street Style

Few things shook the internet as Rihanna’s pregnancy announcement. For a chilly-weather take on her maternity style, opt for this bright orange coat-and-cargo-pants look.

Barbie & Ken

Who else is stoked for the Barbie movie to finally come out? If these behind-the-scenes photos from set are any indication, the fashion is going to be just as fun as the plot. All you need is some neon-toned athleisure and a fake tan. (The editors at Marie Claire actually got the info about Ryan Gosling’s tan routine for the movie, and it’s surprisingly easy to copy!)

Miss Flo

Florence Pugh’s all-purple moment at the Cannes Film Festival was the icing on the Don’t Worry Darling drama cake. Yes, you might have to buy a new purple two-piece for the costume, but purple is actually one fall 2022’s trending colors according to the Fashion Week runways, so you’ll definitely wear the set again.

Timothee Chalamet at the Cannes Film Festival

Timothee Chalamet’s red halter top was one of the best fashion moments on the 2022 Cannes Film Festival red carpet. This is a great way to get one last wear out of your favorite going-out top from summer. All of you have to is pose for all your Instagram pictures by looking slightly over your shoulder.

Zoe Kravitz in as Catwoman in ‘The Batman’

Let’s hear it for a costume that lets you wear all-black! This look relies on having shiny and skintight pieces of clothing, so pull out your leather pants or leather leggings. Plus, this costume requires you to wear a trench coat, so you’ll stay warm all night long.

Drea and Eleanor from ‘Do Revenge’

Dress up as everyone’s favorite enemies-to-besties duo from this year’s best teen comedy, Do Revenge. There are plenty of options here, but the easiest one to copy is the light green and lavender school uniforms. Odds are you already have a pleated mini skirt in your closet, right?

Queen Charlotte from ‘Bridgerton’

Dress up as Queen Charlotte just ahead of her new prequel series on Netflix. This costume is definitely for the maximalists: it needs a large wig, dramatic regency-era makeup and jewelry, and a pettiskirt. Trust me, it’s worth it.

Anna Delvey from ‘Inventing Anna’

Dress up as everyone’s favorite real-life scammer, Inventing Anna’s Ana Delvey, for Halloween. Pull out your best oversized black glasses, a black turtleneck, and pin your hair back. Or, for a pre-courtroom look, pull out your chicest-looking mini dress. For bonus points, dye your hair red with a hair gloss.

Kamala Khan from ‘Ms. Marvel’

Ms. Marvel was one of my favorite shows of the year. While you’re better off buying a comic-book-accurate costume for this one, you could just as easily DIY your own by putting together red-and-blue pieces with a silver star on your chest

Jennifer Walters from ‘She-Hulk: Attorney at Law’

Painting your green (or opting for a very green, very dramatic eye look) is a requirement for this She-Hulk: Attorney at Law-inspired costume, so only go for it if you have a best-in-class cleansing balm at home to take off all that makeup at the end of the night. Pair your green makeup with a simple pencil skirt and a white button-down for peak lawyer vibes.

Wanda Maximoff from ‘Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness’

The Red Witch had her moment to shine in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. Her costume in the movie was similar to the one from the end of Wandavision, but darker. Think: black makeup on your fingertips and an all-black ensemble under a red trench coat.

Priscilla Presley

There’s no denying that the Presleys are going to be on one of 2022’s most in-demand costumes duos. Whether you have an Elvis to go with or not, Priscilla’s iconic look is one of the best costumes of the year hands-down. Key parts of this costume are: an exaggerated cat-eye, a mod mini dress and (very) teased hair.

Carmen “Carmy” Berzatto from ‘The Bear’

Meet one of the easiest costumes of the year. All you need to master this look is a white t-shirt, a blue long chef’s apron, and hair mousse or pomade to give your locks Carmy’s stressed, messy, tousles. For bonus style points, we found the exact white T-shirt that actor Jeremy Allen White wore in the show.

Harry Styles at the Venice Film Festival

Harry Styles made waves at this year’s Venice Film Festival when he pulled up in this all-Gucci ensemble. While he wore two outfits at the festival, his first one is the most instantly recognizable courtesy of the oversized sunglasses and silk neck scarf.

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