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Law Roach’s Most Iconic Celebrity Styling Looks

By on March 30, 2023 0 152 Views
Zendaya’s self-proclaimed “image architect,” Law Roach, has been the creative genius behind many of her iconic looks, and he recently sent shockwaves through the fashion world by announcing his retirement.He posted a (now deleted) image of a stamp graphic saying “retired” on his Instagram, with a caption alluding to “the politics, the lies, and false narratives” of Hollywood getting to be too much for his liking.
Needless to say, people began speculating, with a recent clip of him and Zendaya at Paris Fashion Week being on the tip of people’s tongues as the ignition for Law’s decision.Law was quick to defend Zendaya, saying they are “forever,” describing her as his “little sister” and stating that “it’s real love and not the fake industry love.”
Since all this kicked off, Law has clarified; he’s not retiring from fashion, but he is retiring from the celebrity side of it. In an interview with The Cut, he said: “I am definitely, 100,000 percent retiring. Nobody can say what’s forever and what will happen, but at this moment, and in my mind, I’m definitely retiring from celebrity styling. I’m not retiring from fashion, because I love it so much. But styling, in the way that I’ve been of service to other people, I’m retiring from that.”

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