August 4, 2022
  • August 4, 2022

You are what you eat? How nutrition may affect brain health

By on November 24, 2019 0 185 Views

Globe-trotting photographer Dave Krugman feels at home no matter where he is in the world. But he hasn’t always felt comfortable inside his own head.

He’s had issues with depression, even as he was building an Instagram following of about 300,000. “It wasn’t matching up with the way I was feeling about life, which was, like, that I wasn’t enjoying my day-to-day life, really,” he said. “I wasn’t.”

He tried therapy, then anti-depressants, and finally ended up with an unconventional psychiatrist who posed an unconventional question: What did he eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner?

And thinking about what he put in his mouth really opened his eyes: “It made me realize I would just eat whatever popped into my head at that moment. Like, ‘Oh, I’ll go get some ramen. That sounds great.'”

“Chocolate cake?” asked correspondent Susan Spencer.

“Yeah! Yeah, chocolate cake!”

Psychiatrist Drew Ramsey, who is Krugman’s doctor, said, “Food is medicine. Food is brain medicine. In your everyday life, the number one factor that you have control over in terms of your mental health is at the end of your fork.”

His specialty is the daily special, and how it affects your mind. Dr. Ramsey calls this growing new field “nutritional psychiatry.”

Spencer asked, “Do you treat food as you would a drug and say, this is your prescription for anchovies? And how does it work?”

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