September 26, 2022
  • September 26, 2022

Why prolonged ‘Keto’ diet can be deadly for you

By on October 6, 2020 0 199 Views

As the nation left shocked after the death of actress Mishti Mukherjee due to renal failure as a result of ‘Keto diet,’ health experts warned on Sunday that this hardest diet leads to an overload consumption of protein and burdens the kidney function and should not be made a permanent diet schedule.

According to experts, Keto diet is not advisable to be continued for more than six months, that too with breaks during this period.

Parmeet Kaur, the Senior Dietician at Narayana Hospital in Gurugram, told IANS: “Once you start a keto diet, the results start showing up in one week, it works that fast because the body starts using body fat itself to produce more energy than carbohydrates.”

“But prolonged intake of fat has the high risk of increasing cholesterol and also high protein puts pressure on kidneys, some Keto diet followers even report low blood pressure as well which in the long run can result in heart diseases as well,” Kaur said.

Go for it only if the prime focus is on losing weight and ask a nutritionist first and follow every related precaution.

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