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When Shah Rukh Khan recalled first-ever meeting with Kajol after a night of partying, thought ‘can’t she be quiet?’

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Actors Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol are one of the most famous on-screen couples in Bollywood — their professional relationship goes back a quarter-century. But did you know that they first met on January 1, after Shah Rukh had partied the night away?

In an interview, Shah Rukh and Kajol recalled their first-ever meeting, which took place on the sets of their film Baazigar. They remembered complaining about each other’s personalities — while Shah Rukh felt that Kajol was too loud, she thought of him as a ‘khadoos (grump)’.

Shah Rukh told ABP News that he believes in beginning work on the first day of the year as he feels that it will set the tone for the following 12 months as well. “I feel the person who works on January 1 will continue working through the year,” he said in Hindi, adding, “I belong to the working class, I need work constantly.”

“I don’t drink,” Kajol said, adding that she understands that others ‘would go out and party’ on December 31. “I arrived on set in the morning, and I was very energetic.” Shah Rukh interjected and said that she is extremely loud on set, and called her a ‘peacock’.

“The rest of us were very tired; our cameraman had been arrested because he didn’t have a licence. And the only noise (was Kajol),” Shah Rukh said, recalling that he told her makeup man, “What kind of an actress is she, can’t she be quiet for some time?” Meanwhile, Kajol was telling the same man that Shah Rukh was a total grump. “For two hours he’s been sitting and reading his script, not talking to anyone, what a grump.”

The two have often spoken about getting off on the wrong foot when they first met. Shah Rukh even dissuaded Aamir Khan from hiring her because he felt she lacked focus, but even he couldn’t deny that she was ‘magic’ on screen.

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