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When Arjun Kapoor spoke of weight loss journey, how Hrithik Roshan’s abs made him sad: ‘I’d be sitting with my tond’

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Actor Arjun Kapoor celebrates his 36th birthday on Saturday. The Bollywood star was recently seen in films such as Sandeep Aur Pinky Faraar and Sardar Ka Grandson. The former also won him praise from critics and audiences.

But did you know that Arjun Kapoor’s entry into films was not a cakewalk? Arjun used to be overweight and had to lose almost 50 kilos before he could land his first role. On an episode of The Anupam Kher Show, Arjun had spoken about his journey.

“I was a 140 kgs. When Salman Bhai (Salman Khan, actor) encouraged me that I can be an actor, he told me ‘Main tumhare andar se ek insaan nikaluga (I will take an entire man out of you)’,” he said.

He added that it was his parents’ separation that took a toll on him. He was 10 years old when his father Boney Kapoor separated from his mother Mona Shourie. He said he would get teased about it at school so he stopped going there. He would sit at home and eat while his mother, who was also struggling, asked others to let him live however he wanted to.

However, when he decided to be an actor, his mother encouraged him too. “Then for four years I was at home to lose weight. Who else has such luxury that they give four years simply to lose weight,” he said.

About how he finally lost the weight, he said, “I just started living with Salman. Everyone is busy but if you love yourself, you have to take time out for yourself, you have to be patient. This is a lifestyle. I cannot workout for three months and say ‘I’ve lost weight now I can do anything’. That’s a decision I took that I won’t give up. There will be bad days like when I would be watching TV and Hrithik Roshan would be dancing with his six pack abs and I sitting here with my tond (belly) hanging out. ‘Ye toh nahi hone wala mujhse (I can’t do this),” he said.

Arjun has multiple films in the pipeline including Bhoot Police with Saif Ali Khan and Ek Villain 2 with John Abraham.

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