June 23, 2022
  • June 23, 2022

What to wear for virtual meetups

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As 2021 began, people had marked their calendar for many events. From upcoming birthdays to special conferences, wedding dates to anniversaries, everything was scheduled. Yet, as a novel strain of the virus set loose, suddenly we have seen ourselves in lockdown and all our plans seemed destroyed.

However, this led to the dawn of another time – the time of virtual meetups.

What is a virtual meetup?
It is like a video conference call, only made much easier by newer technologies like Zoom and MS Teams, etc. With the help of virtual meetups, people maintaining social distancing and quarantine rules can be located far away from one another – yet joined by a single virtual meetup.

As such meetups take over today’s times, we have come rushing to our wardrobes to find the look to don for our calls.

If you are searching for inspiration for fashion for such virtual meetups – you have certainly come to the right place. We got in touch with Dr C Vinod Hayagriv, Managing Director, 150 Year C Krishniah Chetty Group Of Jewellers to enlighten us how to style ourselves for these new meetups.

Work Meetings
Owing to social distancing rules, work-from-home is being implemented in most office spaces.

While this means a lot of paperwork and excel sheets are now prepared from home, it also means the presentations have taken a virtual form.

Meetings are called via applications like Zoom – where everybody can see and hear every participant of the meeting.

This means – you can certainly not be sitting in your casual tee.

For a work meeting, wear what you usually wear for office.

An elegant look would be a well-ironed blazer with a simple undershirt (remember, no graphics!). Wear your hair up in a bun and ditch the hair accessories. However, the bling to your attire is necessary.

Go for a dainty necklace, one that isn’t glittery enough that it shines in your webcam, but still glossy enough to uplifts your entire look.

Job Interviews
Courtesy of COVID-19, job interviews have switched to online platforms – and this is just the beginning.

As virtual job interviews are easier to conduct, monitor, and do not require the applicant to travel long distances simply for the interview – it is thought that this might just be the new normal.

However, dressing up for the job interview remains just as crucial as it was earlier. Only now, since the upper body will be shown in the webcam, you can wear your pj’s and give the interview in your own comfort zone (yippie!).

When dressing up for your virtual interview, remember. While it is an interview, it’s a different one – a virtual one. Thus the interviewer will not expect you to be wearing a proper suit or something that screams ‘black-tie’.

Instead, go semi-formal. While a plain pastel blue full-sleeved shirt tucked into high-waisted plaid pants is a good option, a plain eastern salwar kameez in light hues also works well.

Pair it with minimalist jewels – Wear a maximum of 2 jewels of your choice and get ready to impress them with your looks and work!

If you think wearing jewellery might seem slightly over-the-top, do not worry.

The watch, a timeless accessory, makes for a lovely addition to any attire. It will not only complement your hands, but also show how punctual you are.

Win-win? We think so!

Give a diamond watch bracelet a try.

Just because we cannot meet, certainly doesn’t mean we put an end to the fun.

As the heart yearns for a session of dumb charades or antakshari amidst the quarantine – the friends plan for a game night.

What’s the twist?
It’s virtual, of course!

With the arrival of a video call game night – it is also an indication to put the funk on. Wear the comfiest clothes (casual tees and pjs!) and the trendiest gems you have. For those who simply adore neckpieces, a flora-inspired gold chain pendant can certainly seem fun and beautiful.

On the other hand, if you are more of an earring person – we have just the right fix for that too with a pair of stunning gold earrings.

The Grand Family Meetup
Special occasions call for special meetups – and this quarantine calls for virtual reunions!

From entire university batches to families that seem to be separated by the land and seas – virtual meetups are the best way to catch up with a cup of tea.

If you had an intimate wedding ceremony, or perhaps a birthday in the house; it would’ve probably been followed by a family video call, where your relatives residing abroad (or down the street even) tuned in to offer their blessings and best wishes.

In such times, you need to appear fashionable and elegant.

You can don any attire – semi-formal or casual ones. Saris to western dresses. But remember to choose the jewel wisely. It should make you stand out, and appear in contrast with the clothes too.

Perhaps a gold necklace for those who wish to shine in the video call.

While those who want to blend in, can opt for another gorgeous gold pendant like this:

Now that you know what attire and jewels to don with which kind of virtual meetup – it is time to get busy styling!

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