June 25, 2022
  • June 25, 2022

What are the popular Superfoods, their benefits and Risks

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Superfoods are said to be foods that have a very high nutritional density, that is, they provide a considerate amount of nutrients with very few calories. There are no specific criteria or standard definitions of what makes a superfood. But mostly they are plant-based (and sometimes fish and dairy too). These are full of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. It’s always advised to have foods that are rich in nutrients. But a diet becomes healthy only if you include a variety of nutritious food in the right amount.

Superfoods are said to prevent heart disease as they have healthy fats, prevent diabetes and digestive problems as they’re rich in fibre and contain phytochemicals which have numerous health benefits.

Popular superfoods and their benefits


Sometimes people might not get some specific superfoods due to their unavailability in a particular season or any other reason, they try to take it in supplement form then.

Consuming superfoods in a supplement form may not be equal to consuming nutrients from real food. In many cases, supplements tend to cause a strong biological effect on the body due to their types of ingredients. It can also result in mineral and vitamin toxicity and may trigger other side effects too. Therefore, it’s always advised to take supplements that are FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approved.


The term Superfood might confuse the consumer at times creating the misconception that one food is better than other. But that’s not the case, each food has its own benefits and risks, therefore, it’s advisable to eat everything in moderation instead of following the trend of prioritizing one over the other.

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