June 30, 2022
  • June 30, 2022

Weight loss: Taapsee Pannu’s exotic sunset drink to burn fat

By on November 21, 2021 0 83 Views

Actress Taapsee Pannu took to her social media to share the secret drink that helps her burn fat. She called the drink an exotic sunset drink.

She wrote in her post, “My exotic sunset drink! Coz when munmun. Ganeriwal plans my meals. No meal on the menu can be just an ordinary one. This fat-burning powerhouse of a drink has raw, unfiltered Apple Cider Vinegar with the mother. Along with it are fenugreek (methi), turmeric, and ginger”.

She added, “Turmeric & ginger are powerful inflammation-fighting agents so instead of going for pills, it helps to combat the pain and inflammation in muscles caused by my tough athletic training. Talk about being natural and exotic!”

Benefits of the drink

Apple cider vinegar
Apple cider vinegar has various health benefits. It protects cardiovascular health and helps in keeping you fuller for longer, which stops you from binge eating and thus supports weight loss.

If you are new to having it, try in small quantities, as it can lead to acidity and digestion issues. Do not forget to dilute it before consuming.

Fenugreek seeds have been used for ages to treat various health conditions. Though there are limited human studies, some studies suggest that fenugreek seeds aid weight loss by suppressing appetite, increasing satiety and decreasing calorie intake.

As per a 2017 review, compounds called zingerone and shogaols in ginger can help you lose weight. Another study found that women with obesity who took 1 gram of ginger per day for 12 weeks, had decreased appetite and body measurements as compared with people who took a placebo.

Studies show that turmeric can play an important role in weight loss. Test-tube studies suggest that curcumin can suppress particular inflammatory markers that play a role in obesity. These markers are elevated in people with excess weight or obesity.

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