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Weight Loss Diet: 7 Healthy Cucumber Salads That May Help You Shed Extra Kilos This Summer

By on April 8, 2020 0 279 Views

For your weight loss diet, all you need are low-cal, nutrient-rich meals that don’t add up to the existing calories. But, foods like cucumber also help in shedding extra calories stored in the body. Cucumber is a low-fat, low-calorie, low-carb food that is made up of more than 90 percent water. It is easily digestible and doesn’t weigh down your tummy, leaving you feeling light and energised. The best way to consume cucumber is by making salad with it. So, here are some easy cucumber salad recipes that can be a healthy addition to your diet.

7 Cucumber Salad Recipes For Weight Loss:
1. Tomato and Cucumber Salad
This salad is quite easy to make. Just peel and cut cucumber into thin slices and toss it with tomato, sour cream (optional), pepper and mint leaves. Round it off with a dash of vinegar and serve.

2. Cucumber And Peanut Salad
This salad is a perfect amalgam of proteins from peanuts and low-calorie properties of cucumber, making it an ideal weight loss salad. The freshness of cucumber, crunch of peanuts, sweetness of sugar, heat of green chillies, flavour of various spices, and sourness of lemon juice – all come together to make this electrifying salad.

3. Hoagie Salad (Cucumber Salad)
This is an authentic Bhutanese summer salad that you can replicate at your home. Mix cucumber slices with green chillies and add Sichuan pepper, red chilli flakes and coriander leaves. This recipe uses local Bhutanese cheese but you can add any crumbled healthy cheese or skip adding cheese altogether.

4. Beet, Feta And Cucumber Salad
This colourful salad is a mix of roasted beets, cucumber, snow peas, feta cheese, lettuce leaves and carrots. The dressing of olive oil and lemon juice adds sheen and moisture to the healthy salad.

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