September 29, 2022
  • September 29, 2022

We Found the Best Healthy Ice Cream

By on January 12, 2020 0 358 Views

We all mean to eat healthily, but actually doing it can be tough when you feel like you’re sacrificing foods you love. To help you make smart—and delicious—choices, we’ve compiled a list of healthy ice cream options that made the cut in our blind taste test.

Looking for the real deal? See which brand won our taste test for plain vanilla ice cream.

Finding the Best Healthy Ice Cream

Eating ice cream for work? That’s what we call a good day! To find the best low-calorie ice cream, we rounded up nine of the top brands available, and to make testing fair, we chose vanilla flavors from each. Our team blindly tested the products, and we evaluated the ice cream on things like:




Nutritional value

Creating a healthier version of ice cream is no easy task, as the main ingredients in this sweet treat are heavy cream, whole-fat milk, and sugar. You can swap in lower-fat dairy or cut back on sugar, but you’ll immediately notice a change in the ice cream’s consistency and taste. Many brands swap in alternative sweeteners—such as Halo Top, which uses sugar alcohol as the main ingredient.

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