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Vishnu Vishal alerts actresses on fraud misusing his name!

By on December 19, 2020 0 149 Views

The film industry has been witnessing numerous scams with frauds acting to be celebrities and cheating aspiring people who wish to enter the Film industry and loot money or behave inappropriately demanding sexual favours.

The latest celebrity who has faced such a scam is actor Vishnu Vishal who has found a person misusing his name and cheating aspiring actresses that he’s selecting artists for a movie starring Vishnu Vishal and the process involves compromise. Sharing a photo of the chat by the scamster, Vishnu Vishal has alerted people and has informed he’ll be filing a complaint.

Vishnu Vishal posted “To all aspiring actresses. Please beware of such people who are trying to misuse my name for wrong reasons.I strongly condemn such people and such nonsense.Also i am not doing any movie outside my own banner at the moment.Its an instagram id.Will file a complain soon.”

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