June 16, 2021
  • June 16, 2021

Tips to control your portion size to lose weight

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Controlling portion size has been the biggest hindrance in the weight loss journey of many. While exercise has only a 30 per cent contribution, the rest depends on what you eat. Even if you are eating healthy, mastering the art of portion control is very important.

Portion size is the amount of food a person eats in every meal. And going overboard can make you pile on oodles of unwanted weight.

Here are three important reasons why you must practice portion control.
Helps with better digestion
Eating food in large quantities can lead to indigestion, which can cause discomfort, acidity and burping. If you keep overloading your digestive system, it will fail to function properly. Thus portion control is the key to avoid digestion issues.

Controlled blood sugar levels
Overeating can lead to a blood sugar spike and your body gets overloaded with glucose. Eating in controlled proportions helps keep your blood sugar levels under control

Promotes weight loss
Mindful eating can go a long way in keeping your weight in check. Eating the right food in the right quantity is the best way to get your dream body. It can help you manage those unwanted kilos.

Eating in moderation also helps you stay active, energetic and also helps keep obesity at bay. Obesity can further lead to problems like diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels, cardiovascular disease and even stroke. Controlling food can help prevent obesity and disease caused by it.

Here are five simple tips to control overeating
Read the labels carefully
Labels can tell you all about the hidden calories in your favourite food. Sticking to a sensible portion size helps you enjoy your favourite food in a controlled way.

Don’t eat without measuring your food
Measure your food with cups or spoons to have a clear idea about how much you have consumed. Even a digital food scale can help you eat appropriately and control your calorie count.

Choose a small plate
One may end up eating more while using bigger plates to eat. Using smaller plates can make you feel satiated. Also, avoid a second serving.

Start journaling
Practicing portion control can become easy when you start noting down how much you are eating in a day. Journaling can help you stay on track and help you alter your diet if needed. It also pushes you to incorporate healthy foods and reduce portion sizes.

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