June 30, 2022
  • June 30, 2022

Thyroid weight loss diet: Best foods and tips for thyroid patients to lose weight

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Hypothyroidism is a condition when the body doesn’t produce enough thyroid hormones, which play a crucial role in growth, metabolism and healing. Thus, for people with an underactive thyroid, it can also be hard to lose weight and bring on the additional struggle.

In some cases, underlying thyroid issues can also be the root of ineffective fat loss and weight management.

Therefore, the first step often, advised during any weight loss journey is for people to correct their thyroid problem.

In case you have been having a hard time getting rid of the stubborn weight with your thyroid, we tell you some of the best foods and easy ways to get your metabolism working efficiently and lose weight for good.

Do people with thyroid gain weight easy?
For people with an underactive thyroid, metabolism functioning is impaired.

Our metabolic system plays a crucial rule in impacting healthy body functioning as well as impacts the way we burn calories. Therefore, if you have problems with your metabolism, or have a slow metabolic rate, you can gain weight easier, and even find it harder to shed off excess kilos.

A slow metabolism can also impose additional health risks, including blood pressure and cholesterol flare-ups. Thus, it is imperative to balance out the diet and correct thyroid problems for a healthy life.

Diagnosis is also important. The longer it takes for you to get diagnosed, the more weight you may end up gaining.

Can your diet help beat hypothyroidism?
While a good quality diet can regulate hormonal function and help manage thyroid condition better, it should be noted that foods alone cannot cure hypothyroidism. However, eating the right type of foods, which offer good nutrition, exercise and any medication which you may have been advised can help minimize your symptoms.

If your thyroid remains stable, and you have better control over your lifestyle, weight loss will become easier.

A good thyroid controlling diet also depends on your body’s ability to burn calories, nutrients, metabolizing and food sensitivities. However, it is important to incorporate foods that have nutrients such as:

Increase your iodine intake

As per statistics, 1/3rd of the world’s population suffers from iodine deficiency.

Iodine is also an essential mineral that helps stimulate thyroid function in the body. Thus, if you have hypothyroidism, make sure you add iodine to your diet, which will increase the TSH production in the body. Having foods like table salt, fish, dairy, eggs can greatly help.

Having fibre is important

For thyroid patients, scoring plenty of fibre is one of the best ways to lose weight. Fibre helps regulate digestion, speed up the elimination of bad toxins and most importantly, will also help keep the calorie intake in check. Ensure that you get plenty of fruits, veggies, pulses in your daily diet. Supplements may also be considered.

Have more selenium-rich foods

Selenium is yet another important trace mineral that helps the body generate plenty of TSH hormones. Enough selenium in your diet can also help eliminate free radicals, which contribute to weight gain. Certain studies have also indicated that selenium can also strengthen immune function in the body.

Consider adding selenium-rich foods like Brazil nuts, sardines, eggs and various types of legumes.

Limit your intake of sugar and high-carb foods

Sugar and high-carbs are enemies to weight loss. Therefore, if you want to get your thyroid under check and lose weight in an optimum manner, try limiting or minimizing the number of sugar sources in your diet. High starchy carb foods, which again, can add sugar will be detrimental for you. Consider adding foods that do not spike insulin levels, such as foods that have a low-glycemic index.

Many also consider opting for the Paleo diet, which involves the consumption of a low-sugar, whole foods diet.

Similarly, some people also benefit from following a low-carbohydrate diet, such as the Ketogenic diet.

Increase anti-inflammatory foods

Foods that help the body cut down on active inflammation, or act down on autoimmune functions which can disrupt thyroid functioning can also help speed up weight loss for thyroid patients. An anti-inflammatory diet may garner benefits too.

Include more gluten-free products

A lot of researches have established a link between gluten sensitivity and certain autoimmune conditions, such as Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, which can result in an underactive thyroid. Therefore, shifting to gluten-free products may help some manage their hypothyroidism and see weight loss results.

Consider changing the timing of your meals

One of the simplest ways to rev up your metabolism and accelerate fat burning is by tweaking the timing of your meals. Many thyroid patients benefit by following a fasting regime, or restricting the number of meals they have in a day, or have them at a certain time. Following a fasting window can also help cut down on cravings, processed food consumption and regulate hunger hormones. Do remember to take care of any deficiencies beforehand.

Hydrate well

Hydration is crucial for faster weight loss, and one of the simplest way to keep hormones under check.

Adequate water intake will also cut down water retention, improve digestion and toxin elimination from the body. It can also reduce your appetite. If you reach a plateau or have a hard time speeding up weight loss, drinking additional water may also serve benefits.

What foods should you avoid having?

Some foods, such as the ones which contain goitrogens can interfere with thyroid functioning and disrupt weight loss.

Since with hypothyroidism, you can gain weight easier, avoiding foods which are listed below can help:


-Highly processed foods


-Certain fruits, such as peaches, pear, strawberries

-Cruciferous vegetables

Instead, having more foods such as eggs, meat, fish, vegetables, gluten-free grains and seeds, some forms of dairy and non-caffeinated beverages will be better for you.

Are there exercises that can help?

Exercising is an important aspect of healthy living. In fact, several studies have now proven that certain exercises can help regulate thyroid functioning in the body and improving metabolic function.

If you are suffering from hypothyroidism and aim to lose weight, working out for at least 1 hour a day may be required.

Prioritizing the kind of exercise you do can also help. For example, strength training, muscle-building exercises, lifting weights, Pilates may be more effective than simple cardio, when it comes to regulating TSH levels and optimizing weight loss.

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