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This ‘Carrying Strap’ Will Turn Your AirPods Back Into Regular Headphones

By on December 9, 2019 0 208 Views

As the saying goes, everything old is new again.

The Swedish company Tapper has created what they believe to be the perfect solution for keeping track of your Apple AirPods — a carrying strap. But commenters have noticed one hilarious issue…

While Apple’s tiny bluetooth earpieces are notoriously easy to lose, the internet was quick to point out that Tapper’s strap essentially turns your futuristic and pricey ($159-$249) listening devices back into the original wired Apple EarPods of yore.

According to Tapper’s website, the product was dreamed up in 2016, just three days after Apple announced the original AirPods, and allows users to “avoid losing your AirPods by attaching them to this magnetic-locking leather strap and wearing around the neck when not in use.”

The nylon and leather design sells for $60 — nearly double the price of the original Apple EarPods — and is available on or via Tapper’s site. Slightly more expensive gold and silver-plated rope options are also available.

The accessory went viral after viewers noticed the carrying strap was included in a gift guide on Cosmopolitan‘s website. And it didn’t take long for critics to start trolling the brand for their not-so-revolutionary idea.

“Doesn’t this defeat the purpose of AirPods? If you buy and wear these you’ll look doubly ridiculous,” one user commented on the Nordstrom product page.

“Y’all, we are completely full circle on this one,” added another.

“This year’s hot gift. A $60 strap to go with your $150 wireless AirPods,” one Twitter user quipped.

Other customers seemed optimistic about the product, only expressing a few qualms.

“It’s a perfect accessory. I just wish if we could charge the AirPod through it,” one user wrote.

A different customer expressed a similar concern, stating, “If they could charge my AirPods from my phone too, they’d be perfect!”

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