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These Water-Proof Mascaras Won’t Budge Away From Your Lashes

By on July 16, 2021 0 71 Views

We all know that a good mascara is a staple for all beauty aficionados. Even on the most minimal makeup days, a quick swipe can work wonders. However, you want one that stays intact no matter what you do. Rubbing the lashes or a sudden shower can leave your eyes looking all black with the smudged colour. So, what’s the alternative? Waterproof mascaras are the way to go. Waterproof mascaras ensure that your beautiful lashes remain curled and coated. This is precisely why we have put together a list of the best waterproof mascaras that will stay on through the rain, an ugly cry or whatever be the situation.

No matter what, these waterproof mascaras will always deliver an intense-rich colour to your lashes.

This waterproof mascara comes with an exclusive fanning brush with numerous bristles to give a high-definition full fan effect for denser lashes.

Volume-Enhancing Mascara

Although it is waterproof, it is lightweight and can be even removed with any makeup remover easily.

From the house of L’Oreal, this waterproof mascara helps to easily glide and lengthen your lashes. It gives a volumising effect with intense colour.

Lengthening Mascara

It also doesn’t clump and is smudge-proof, giving an easy application experience.

This classic mascara gives intensely curled lashes yet keeping it smooth and moisturised.

Curling-Effect Mascara

Since it gives an enhanced look, it can easily complement most of your everyday looks.

This mascara allows for an enhanced finish and gives volume. The intense colour makes your eyes bright.

Kohl-Pigmented Mascara

This mascara can help you with the curling effect of the lashes.

This mascara adds thickness and fullness to your lashes while also lending a cooling effect.

Herbal Mascara

This one is power-packed with natural ingredients that can also be suitable for sensitive eyes.

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