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These 8 Masala Tea Mixes Will Take Your Cup Of Chai To The Next Level

By on July 4, 2020 0 200 Views

One cup won’t be enough when it’s delicious masala tea

The monsoon season is here again and with most of its hours being spent indoors, you best be making your time inside as comfortable as possible. If that includes a playlist of TV shows and a closet full of snuggly sweatshirts, don’t forget to add a steaming hot cup of tea to it. There’s no better season for it than the rains. Imagine setting up shop by a droplet-splattered window and watching time go by with a freshly made cuppa in your hand. Your preference may have always been plain black, green or a splash of milk but take it up a notch with a touch of masala this monsoon.

Masala Tea Mixes To Buy During The Monsoon

Take your tea game to the next level with these mixes.

1. GranulesNBeans Masala Chai Premix

The instant tea premix comes as a packet of 10 sachets that contain no sugar and can be made swiftly.

2. First Buds Organics Home Made Chai Masala

This homemade masala is made of organically sourced ingredients like black pepper, star anise and mace without any chemicals. It is also great to fight the flu.

3. Cambridge Tea Party 8 Spices Masala Chai

This whole loose leaf tea is made without any sugar and is 100% natural. It includes holy basil, cinnamon and nutmeg.