September 26, 2022
  • September 26, 2022

The Secret to celebs’ healthy diet has finally been revealed

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In India, there has been a lack of awareness regarding nutrition and certain diets. Health and fitness are an integral part of our life and we like to pay close attention to them. This is where POD Supply steps in. A Mumbai-based food service, it has catered to Akshay Kumar, Ranveer Singh, Aditya Roy Kapur, and many more celebrities who have set incredible benchmarks for fitness in Bollywood. The actors have been successful in attaining these benchmarks with consistent training and eating right. (Image Courtesy: Instagram)

POD stands for Personal Optimised Diet. It is run by CEO Siddhesh Sharma, co-founder Anmol Singhal and chefs Mohit Savargaonkar and Harsh Dixit. This food service was created to make customised meal plans that will help people to achieve their fitness goals without compromising on taste. POD supply is dedicated to creating delicious meals that combine nutrition, science, and the art of cooking. Their clientele includes actors, professionals, athletes, industrialists, bodybuilders and politicians amongst which Ranveer Singh has been their client for the past three years now. One of the first clients to have joined them was Hritik Roshan. (Image courtesy: Instagram/@podsupply)

As a one-stop-shop for people who want to focus on their fitness with the right kind of food for them, POD Supply is a team of talented chefs and nutritionists who are dedicated to prepare and serve food for their clients. A balanced diet consists of different types of food and an adequate amount of nutrition necessary for good health. POD supply’s nutritionists meticulously optimize a plan for their clients. Their specialised diet plans include muscle gain, gluten-free, lactose-free, sports specific nutrition, vegan, ketogenic, and customised diet for any specific goals. According to the client’s needs, a diet plan can be selected. (Image courtesy: Instagram/@podsupply)

POD Supply offers 2 eating services; the POS Supply Model where they send freshly packaged meals throughout the day and the Chef on Board Model where a chef travels with the clients and cook meals for them at a set, at home or wherever they are. The food is prepared while keeping in mind the client’s preferences. According to Anmol Singhal, this model is one of a kind in India. Further speaking on the concept Singhal says, “The USP of POD is its customisation like no other health food company in India. There is no compromise on ingredients that need to be imported from the best source of their origin. If it’s important for the body, it has to be made available at all costs.” (Image courtesy: Instagram/@podsupply)

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