September 21, 2021
  • September 21, 2021

The reason why fruits should be eaten alone, according to Ayurveda

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Fruits and vegetables are important elements of our diet. They are nutrient-dense and can help to prevent several kinds of health issues. But to gain maximum health benefits from these natural products, it is important to have them correctly and at the correct time.

There is an old Ayurvedic proverb which says “fruits should either be eaten alone or should be left alone.” The ancient Indian system of medicine does not recommend pairing fruits with any other food items like dairy, vegetables or meat. But why so? To understand it, we spoke to Dr Deepa Apte, an Ayurvedic Doctor to know more.

Why you should have fruits on its own Dr Apte says that pairing fruits with any other food item like dairy or vegetables can lead to the formation of toxins in the body, which is known as ama. This happens when fruits are not digested properly and the nutrients are not absorbed by the body. The presence of excess ama in the body can lead to illness and other health-related conditions.

Why you should never cook fruits

As you all must have noticed that fruits are vibrant in colour and they get their bright colour from sunlight, which helps them to grow. The bright colours represent fire-related energy. When eaten raw, fruits stimulate the digestive fire, making your stomach stronger. This helps you lead a long and happy life.

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