May 13, 2021
  • May 13, 2021

The Biggest Gut Health Mistake We Need To Fix In 2020

By on January 17, 2020 0 154 Views

OK, so it’s not really the beginning of a new year if we don’t talk about the diets that have come and gone (and the ones we’re bound to see in 2020). Between the carnivore diet, the gluten-free diet (even if you don’t have celiac or a wheat allergy), or diets that tell you to ban all whole grains and legumes, the trend in dieting for the last 20 years has had two very specific characteristics—eliminate and restrict. If it causes a problem, just chop it out.

Curious about how this affects us over the long haul? Here’s what you need to know about why a healthy diet doesn’t mean getting rid of food groups and why your gut will benefit from you keeping your options open.

Why shouldn’t I eliminate certain foods?

Here’s the thing: Elimination diets aren’t bad. In fact, they are a great way to determine whether certain foods or ingredients might be causing health setbacks. But with the exception of food allergies or specific medical conditions like celiac, there’s no reason to vilify a specific food—grains, legumes, fiber-rich produce—as a means for achieving better health.

But the latest diets say otherwise, with “just eliminate it” being the solution to any and all health issues, including an unhappy gut. And, yes, the avoidance of foods that cause digestive distress can help you avoid discomfort in the short term.

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