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  • The Best Weighted Jump Ropes to Add Heft to Your Workouts Step up your cardio workout with one of these eight heavy jump ropes. By Emily Shiffer Jun 8, 2021

The Best Weighted Jump Ropes to Add Heft to Your Workouts Step up your cardio workout with one of these eight heavy jump ropes. By Emily Shiffer Jun 8, 2021

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Jumping rope is one of the most efficient cardio workouts you can do. You can burn up to 1,300 calories in one hour by jumping rope, and just 10 minutes of jumping rope is equivalent to running a mile, according to ScienceDaily. Plus, it’s lower impact than running… meaning it will be better for your joints from a wear-and-tear perspective. (Find out what happened when this normal dude jumped rope every day for 30 days.)

All you need is a little bit of space and a rope to get in an incredible sweat session. This guy lost 8 pounds by jumping 2,000 rope skips every day for 30 days, and this guy lost 70 pounds jumping rope every day. (Looking for a killer jump rope workout? Try this 16-minute jump rope and kettlebell workout, or these HIIT jump rope workouts for a serious burn.)

One easy way to make your jump rope workout even harder is to use a weighted jump rope for some extra resistance. Typically weighing a pound or more, a weighted jump rope will take your cardio workout to another level. (Looking for a non-weighted jump rope? Here are 15 of the best.) Weighted jump ropes typically hold the weight in the handles, but some also have weight in the rope itself. Plus, most are adjustable in length, so you can get a customized fit.

Ready to start working out with a weighted jump rope? Here are 8 of our favorite weighted jump ropes you should consider.

Crossrope’s weight jump rope comes in 4 sizes (Small- XL) that you choose depending on your height for a customized rope length. It also comes with a light and heavy ripe that you can easily clip in and out. Plus, you can also connect to their app for access to fast and effective workouts.

This adjustable weighted jump rope is made of thick silicone for a soft and comfortable feel, as well as PVC and steel for serious durability. It weighs 1 pound, so it’s just enough to challenge you during a good cardio sesh.

Te-Rich’s weighted jump rope has some sweet tech elements. One of the handles is equipped with a backlit LCD screen to tell you your workou0t stats, including tell you how many jumps you make. Plus, it’s adjustable. Short on space? It has a cordless feature that you can swap the cable rope for rope balls.

If you’re looking for a super challenging workout, go with this battle rope jump rope. It’s heavy, weighting a total of 3 pounds. The handles are non-slip, and the rope is made of a 3-strand thick rope, so it’s super durable.

Grab this rope to knock out your CrossFit WOD. The weights are removable from the handles, in case you need to lighten up during your sweat sesh. It also has 2 ropes, a thin speed cable and a thick training cable.

If you like battle rope jump ropes but want something even heavier to challenge yourself, this BODYHACKERZ rope is the ultimate rope for you. It weighs a whopping 5.5 pounds, and has a protective sleeve over the rope to prevent wear and tear.

This rope from Pulse Athletics is the most affordable of the bunch. It has super comfy foam handles for a soft grip, and the tangle-free rope is also easily adjustable to customize it to your height.

This fully adjustable rope is unique thanks to its extra thick cable that is covered in a polyester fabric. It has a super cool scratch-resistant silicone cover and aluminum/silicone non-slip handles.

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