July 7, 2022
  • July 7, 2022

The best snacks to eat when you are working from home

By on March 20, 2020 0 152 Views

With many of us finding ourselves suddenly working from a home office, the reality of constant access to the fridge has become very real. Behavioural research has repeatedly shown that one of the most significant predictors of discretionary food intake, or foods such as confectionery, chocolate and potato chips that do not offer essential nutrients, is availability. For those of us working at home this means that if you have treat and junk foods at home, you will eat them no matter how strong you think your will power is.

And with more of us working remotely chances are that you are moving significantly less and burning far fewer calories than we usually would, we do need to mindful of how much we are actually consuming. So if you are finding that spending hours and hours at home each day is triggering the munchies, here are the best snacks to have on hand when you are working from home.

Vege Sticks

With so many of us interested in eating to boost immune function, yet also failing to meet the recommended 5-7 serves of veges every single day, it is a no brainer to up your intake of both cooked and raw vegetables at this time. Not only are veges nutrient rich, but unlike fruit they literally contain zero calories but plenty of dietary fibre and water to help keep you full. If you constantly find yourself mindlessly munching, try mindlessly munching on carrot sticks, capsicum, baby tomatoes and cucumbers.

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