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Take a tour of Neha Dhupia and Angad Bedi’s home with a cute kitchen, minimalist decor

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Actors Neha Dhupia and Angad Bedi got married in 2018 and have been living together at her home in Mumbai since. They now share the home with their two-year-old daughter Mehr.

In 2018, Neha had welcomed Fox Life into her home for a special tour. She showed them her living room, the kitchen, the dining area and even the bedroom. Neha has since updated her home with new furniture and new appliances but the overall vibe is still the same. She still seems to be a fan of minimalist decor. However, with a baby in the house, it might be tougher for her to keep the decor the same.

Neha’s living room has a large window as its focus. Sheer white curtains hang on concealed rods and in front of it is a sitting area, where her large Marshall speaker–gifted to her by Farah Khan–sits next to a side table. There is also a day bed to the side and the Kota floor is covered with a beige rug.

The couple’s kitchen is simple with a black countertop and white cabinets. A large fridge has replaced an older one which used to be covered with magnets from various countries where Neha has travelled to.

The dining area is also a simple one with a large rectangular table at the centre, flanked by a bench and some chairs. Over it, hangs a white and black art piece.

The bedroom also carries the same cosy vibes and lots of shoes. Neha has a platform bed and her TV is mounted right in front of it. Underneath the TV, however, are dozens of pairs of shoes.

Neha and Angad got married on May 10, 2018, in an Anand Karaj ceremony at a gurdwara in Delhi. Their intimate wedding was attended only by a few close friends and family members.

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