August 16, 2022
  • August 16, 2022

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Blake Lively Deletes All Her Instagram Posts Except For One

by on November 16, 2019 0
What happened to Blake Lively’s Instagram? Where did all of her Ryan Reynolds pictures go? The actress’s 25.8 million followers might be wondering why she’s gone dark on Instagram and deleted all of her posts, but don’t worry—it’s not what you think. The Gossip Girl actress is simply gearing up for her next movie... Read More

Ryan Reynolds Got Teased About Green Lantern

by on October 4, 2019 0
Roasted. We all know that Green Lantern wasn’t exactly the highlight of Ryan Reynolds’ career—and he’s certainly taken the piss out of himself for it. However, in a new clip, he gets teased about the 2011 superhero movie by his new Free Guy co-stars. And honestly, what’s better than being ripped by Villanelle and... Read More