August 17, 2022
  • August 17, 2022

Sustainable fashion trends for kids this summer

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“I am not going to wear this yellow-colored t-shirt to my zoom class!” Are you also listening to such statements every day, and are these statements increasing your dilemma every now and then? Or are you also one of those parents who adore dressing up their kids even during the pandemic? After all, sitting at home does not mean that we can just wear anything and everything! And while adults can still WFH in pyjamas, kids want to be look good all the time. If your child also loves to flaunt his/her cute looks and cares about the environment at the same time, here’s a look at some sustainable clothing options for kids, this summer, courtesy Shikha Kumar, Co-Founder & Director, Nino Bambino.
Minimalistic designs

With the new normal of ‘stay at home’, minimalist designs along with oversized clothes are bound to rule the scene. Do you know that oversized clothes have always been on the top of trends in the fashion industry, and summer is the best season to acknowledge this fact? Geometric cuts, minimalistic designs, wide armholes are surely timeless fashion statements of the era! The kids are sure to adore these clothes and designs while they make an impressive fashion statement for their peers. And, what makes them sustainable is the fact that you can wear oversized clothes for a longer time.

Nature-inspired colours

While kids need to confine their energy within the four walls of their houses, you can help them retain their fun element with the help of nature-inspired colours. Also, try to match these colours with designs revolving around gardens, blue and cool oceans, handcrafted designs, and of course, who can forget the fresh buds! These themes based on nature are sure to make the kids not only feel cool but also somewhat calm to concentrate their energies towards something positive. After all, there have been different studies that state the calmness in clothes contributes immensely to maintaining the coolness of the surrounding atmosphere!

Mix and match never fails!

Mix and match has never failed to make a statement and has always been an imperative aspect of sustainable fashion. So, why not make the most of this when it comes to adorning your kids this summer? Dungarees are surely a hit and can be matched with any kind of t-shirts and offer a perfect sense of convenience and easiness when playing. Also, you can run your creativity wild and make appropriate mix and match choices for your apple pies to wear and make a fashion statement at the same time!

Cotton, mulmul, and organic cotton rules
Kids get extra cranky during summers with the scorching heat, unbearable thirst, and when these conditions get a topping of a pandemic, you can surely expect super crankiness. Well, at this time, making your kids calm and comfortable forms a major challenge. Now, a perfect solution for this situation can be found in cotton, mulmul, and organic cotton clothes. But, remember that kids very easily outgrow their clothes, thus it is always advisable to purchase fewer clothes with super soft fabric for your kids this summer.

Final words
Summer season combined with the present pandemic condition is surely hard. But this is not an excuse to not make your kids look fashionable enough. There are definitely some ideas that can lend you a helping hand in following a sustainable fashion statement for your loving yet naughty energy balls!

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