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Sushmita Sen sympathises with those ‘fighting for a single breath’, says ‘let’s not waste a moment playing blame game’

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Actor Sushmita Sen took to Instagram to post a thoughtful note on how the ‘human spirit prevails every single time’.

She began her post talking about the lakhs of people affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. “My heart goes out to people who are fighting for a single breath…mourning the loss of loved ones…struggling to make a living…the plight of daily wage workers…all our covid warriors both medical & volunteers relentlessly fighting helplessness,” she wrote.

However, she firmly believed that the human spirit always triumphs over every challenge. “And yet, the human spirit prevails EVERY SINGLE TIME!!”

Sushmita took particular note of the fact that in times like these, people are helping each other irrespective of their differences. “Its overwhelming to say the least, to witness people from all walks of life, all faiths, all geographies stepping forward to help each other through this pandemic UNCONDITIONALLY…driven purely by empathy & humanity!!”

But she also had a word of caution: “Let’s not waste a single moment playing the blame game, for that moment, can be better utilised doing everything WE can to save a life. Every life is precious…we must not get used to it being reduced to a death toll number.”

She added, “I am blessed to be surrounded by fans, family, friends & healthcare workers who have been tirelessly helping me to aid others…even if one life at a time. I salute all you people doing your bit…it’s helping more lives than you will ever know!!!”

Not only did Sushmita request all to stay safe, she also spoke of the need to follow Covid-19 rules. “We each have our challenges, some tougher than the others…but, get through this…WE WILL…TOGETHER!!! Please stay safe, stay healthy, stay clean, try to keep a calm state of mind, wear the mask and respect the rules…for that, which may look like a cage, could actually be a shield to protect our lives!! You all are always in my prayers & as gratitude in my heart!! Soooooo proud of you guys!!! I love you guys beyond!!! #duggadugga.”

A couple of days back, Sushmita was criticised by a fan for choosing to send oxygen cylinders to Delhi from Mumbai. She had shared a video of the CEO of a hospital in Delhi, breaking down on camera, at the lack of oxygen in his hospital. Sharing it, she had written: “This is deeply heart breaking…oxygen crisis is everywhere. I have managed to organise a few oxygen cylinders for this hospital but have no way to transport it to Delhi from Mumbai…please help me find a way.”

While many Twitter users had offered some solutions, one had asked why she sending it Delhi, when Mumbai was itself dealing with the pandemic. Replying to person, Sushmita had said: “Because mumbai still has oxygen cylinders available, that’s how I found it. Delhi needs it, especially these smaller hospitals, so help if you can.”

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