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Sushmita Sen Aces Rohman Shawl’s Yoga Challenge. His “Jaw Hit The Floor”

By on April 18, 2020 0 125 Views

Sushmita Sen’s boyfriend Rohman Shawl “challenged” her to “attempt” a “balancing yoga pose” but little did he know that she would nail it like a pro. On Thursday, Sushmita Sen shared pictures of herself acing two yoga poses and left Rohman Shawl in awe. He was so impressed that his “jaw hit the floor” (his words not ours). Sushmita Instagrammed a picture of herself doing the “balancing yoga pose” and shared a few tips about how she successfully completed the challenge. She wrote: “So, Rohman Shawl challenged me to attempt this balancing yoga pose. Guess who’s always up for a challenge? Yours truly, of course! Wanna try? You can do it! Hint: Straighten your back and tighten your core.”

Impressed with Sushmita’s yoga skills, Rohman Shawl left this hilarious yet adorable comment on her post: “My jaw hit the floor when you did this, my love! FYI, it’s still lying there on the floor. So proud of you!”

However, Sushmita didn’t stop there. Setting a new goal, the actress “challenged” herself to balance her body on her toes and guess what? She nailed that too. However, it wasn’t that easy for her initially as she kept falling. But after all the failed attempts, she finally found the “balance and stability.” Sharing the picture of herself balancing her body on her “tippy toes,” Sushmita wrote: “This one I challenged myself to do! Body balanced on tippy toes, had to find and align myself with the center of my being! Of course, kept falling off initially but boy, what a feeling it is to find balance and stability after all the failed attempts! Try it…it’s magical!”

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