August 16, 2022
  • August 16, 2022

Study indicates vegan diet impacts metabolism in children

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Following a strict vegan diet impacts children’s metabolism, researchers have said.

Being vegan means all animal-based products are avoided. More and more people are choosing to follow this lifestyle for ecological, ethical and health-related reasons.It is because of the increased popularity that Finnish researchers wanted to see how it might affect young people.

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Their trial involved studying the nutrition and metabolism of 40 healthy children in nurseries across Helsinki. The kids were either vegan, following a vegetarian diet or indulged in a more conventional omnivore diet, depending on what their families had chosen to adopt. Their nutritional intake, metabolic biomarkers and micronutrient statuses were monitored.

The researchers discovered that Finnish parents were ensuring their children took the relevant supplements for vitamin B12 and all the young people, except one had also been taking vitamin D and iodine too.

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