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  • Sona Mohapatra reacts as Twitter user asks ‘who is making a vaccine to protect us from Kangana Ranaut?’

Sona Mohapatra reacts as Twitter user asks ‘who is making a vaccine to protect us from Kangana Ranaut?’

By on February 7, 2021 0 160 Views

Singer Sona Mohapatra replied to a Twitter user who asked about a ‘vaccine to protect us from Kangana Ranaut’. See her tweet here.

Singer Sona Mohapatra, keeping her ‘humour intact’, reacted to a tweet about actor Kangana Ranaut. As countries across the world are busy producing Covid-19 vaccines, a Twitter user asked, “Who’s making a vaccine to protect us from Kangana Ranaut?”

Replying to the tweet, Sona wrote, “’Tu kaun? Main icon (Who are you? I am an icon)!’ (it’s early in the day yet, so I have my humour intact).”

On Friday, Kangana declared herself a ‘queen’, in response to a tweet by former Rajasthan DGP Harish Chandra Meena questioning her credentials to comment on the farmers’ protest. “My credentials …. ha ha I truly believe I am an average human being but among so many fools here on social media I am the best person to lead … so bow down to your Queen,” she wrote.

Sona has been critical of Kangana on several occasions in the past. In 2017, the singer wrote an open letter to the actor, accusing her of doing a disservice to feminism by ‘washing her dirty linen in public’ during the whole Hrithik Roshan controversy.

Last year, after Kangana made disparaging comments about several of her colleagues from the film industry, Sona said that she was vindicated. “The number of misogynistic slurs spilling from her mouth now makes me wonder about the ‘feminist scholars’ who had hated on me in 2017 when I’d called out Kangana. My choice of words I’m not too proud of but nevertheless had smelt the problem a mile away,” she wrote on Twitter.

“Calling others Gold digger, mafia bimbo, Sasti copy, Soft porn star ?!?Playing the messiah of the masses by using a tragic death is the worst act of opportunism. Doesn’t make you the pillar of virtue, justice or the flagbearer of ‘Hindu Cultural values’. Highlights the worst side,” her follow-up tweet read.

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