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Scam 1992 star Pratik Gandhi recalls financial struggles: ‘Suddenly, the whole family was homeless’

By on September 29, 2021 0 115 Views

Actor Pratik Gandhi, who found overnight fame after starring in the hit series Scam 1992: The Harshad Mehta Story, opened up about the personal struggles that he had to endure before the success of the show catapulted him to stardom.

In an interview, Pratik said that he had to deal with his wife’s illness and father’s death in quick succession, and that at one point, his family found themselves to be homeless, despite being in Mumbai for several years.

He told Bollywood Bubble, “Financial trouble, financial crisis, medical trouble, I’ve seen it all. But I never experienced a moment of breakdown or self-doubt, somehow. I’m the kind of person, the moment I see issues, I tend to think about the solutions. And that’s how my mind is trained.”

He added, “I guess everybody goes through this. There were some medical emergencies at home, be it my wife’s brain tumour operation, my father’s cancer. Eventually we lost him in 2018. Buying a house in Mumbai is a big deal. Even after a decade of being in Mumbai, there was a time when we didn’t have a house, suddenly the whole family was homeless. You struggle at that time, you manoeuver yourself, your emotions, and the whole family. And when you have a full-fledged family and you decide to quit your stable job and get into something like this, that is another struggle.”

He said that all these things happened ‘one after the other’ but feels that he is blessed to have done what he has. Pratik will soon be seen in the film Bhavai, and also in the Amazon miniTV short film Shimmy, and Disney+ Hotstar’s Six Suspects.

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