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Rob Gronkowski’s Diet Went From Sandwiches to Green Juice Since Retiring From the NFL

By on February 1, 2020 0 166 Views

Diet change-up! Rob Gronkowski’s life has changed dramatically since he retired from professional football in March 2019, which means he has had to make substantial tweaks to his eating regimen.

While the former New England Patriots tight end, 30, once burned around 20,000 calories a day, his post-football life is considerably more relaxed — and that shift led him to re-examine what he eats. “Ever since not playing football anymore, you’ve got to really look at your diet because you’re living just normal life,” he told Us Weekly exclusively earlier this month. “So I really like to look at my diet now and I love sustaining my energy.”

To avoid sluggishness and keep his energy up, Gronkowski sticks to clean, healthy foods. “I like to do juices and I would say, açai bowls. They keep me going,” he explained. “Juicing in the morning and an açai bowl in the afternoon. They keep me going with no crash.”

Gronkowski told Us his juice of choice changes “depending on the day,” but he’s partial to green juices and drinks made with beets. “If I’m trying to clean out my system, I like to do a lot of green juices and some beet juices too, to keep my cardiovascular system going, because I still like to workout and stay active all the time,” he dished, noting that he’ll occasionally throw an apple in the mix to give his hearty beverage “a sweet taste.”

When he was still playing with the Patriots, Gronkowski’s diet was decidedly different. In fact, he even had a game day ritual that involved chowing down on a favorite childhood meal before hitting the field. “I always liked to have a peanut butter and jelly with chocolate milk,” he recalled. “My mom makes the best jelly out there, so it was always usually with her homemade jelly and it was just so good. I just feel like it gets you fueled up.”

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