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Priyanka Chopra makes strong pitch for ‘namaste’ amid coronavirus spread

By on March 14, 2020 0 176 Views

Priyanka Chopra has posted a special video making a strong case for people to greet each other with a ‘namaste’ as coronavirus deaths soar.

Priyanka Chopra says namaste is an ‘old but also a new way to greet people’ in period of change ‘around the world’. And while she did not mention coronavirus, it was more than evident what she was talking about. She also shared a video.

She wrote: “It’s all about the Namaste An old but also new way to greet people in a time of change around the world. Please stay safe everyone!”. What is evident is that Priyanka has been greeting the world with a ‘namaste’ from the very beginning of her international innings. The video that she has shared too reflects that. Whichever event she has attended in the past, ‘namaste’ has formed a part and parcel of her public demeanour. The video itself is a collage of many of her public appearances where she does the traditional Indian greeting.

Coronavirus is now a pandemic with thousands across many countries having to deal with it. Outside of China, Europe is hardest hit with Italy reeling under the impact of the dreaded COVID-19 like none other. They have already seen hundreds of deaths.

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