June 30, 2022
  • June 30, 2022

No southern comfort at the Rovers Return

By on December 31, 2019 0 238 Views

Your editorial on pubs (30 December) states that “today’s most famous pub is the Queen Vic in EastEnders”. Why not the Rovers Return in Coronation Street? I am disappointed in the Guardian confirming my husband’s conviction of southern bias as I am going to have to agree with him from now on.
Francesca Whittlestone
Liversedge, West Yorkshire

• I hope John Bercow will regard his exclusion from this year’s honours list as a badge of honour – surely he would not wish to be on the same list as the architect of welfare reform so aptly depicted in your cartoon (Journal, 30 December).
Christine Strachan
Waterbeach, Cambridgeshire

• Your report on the codpiece revival (28 December) shamefully failed to mention a certain Larry Blackmon, prominent frontperson of Cameo, who single-handedly thrust the codpiece into public consciousness like nobody before or since.
Stefan Badham
Portsmouth, Hampshire

• My realisation that I must now be officially old (Letters, 31 December) occurred recently when my wife and I bought a new frying pan and I was informed that it had a 20-year guarantee and therefore was likely to significantly outlast me.
Rob Lily
Biddenden, Kent

• Re the letters about joining the Labour party (26 December) and taking out a subscription to the Guardian (30 December) making readers feel a bit better; having both taken out a subscription to the Guardian and joined the Labour party, may we expect to feel quite a bit better in the new year?

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